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Zofran Use During First Trimester Linked to Birth Defects


Zofran is used for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and radiation, as well as people who are nauseated following surgery. Although the FDA has approved Zofran use for use in the case mentioned above, it is not approved for use during pregnancy.

Sadly, GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Zofran have allegedly been marketing the drug to pregnant women despite knowing the potential risks. In addition, Zofran use during the first trimester is linked to severe birth defects. Such defects include cleft palate, cleft lip, and major congenital defects as well. Now families are suing GSK for knowingly putting their babies at risk for such life-altering complications.

During testing on animals, it was found that Zofran reaches past the placental barrier and thus would affect the fetus. Likewise, GSK had been receiving complaints from families since 1992 regarding birth defects, yet continued to market Zofran to physicians and supply compensation to them to boost drug prescriptions. No family or child should ever have to suffer due to another’s negligence.

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