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Young Charlottesville Girl Bit By Dog


In Charlottesville, Virginia a 13-year-old girl is recovering from a horrific dog bite accident. Furthermore, a police dog attacked Shanesha Minor on Thursday in what law authorities are calling an, “unfortunate accident.” Likewise, the dog bite accident happened when police caught a whiff of marijuana at the 700 block of Prospect Avenue.

Just as police were planning on using the K-9 to find the source of the drugs, an officer inadvertently released the dog, and it ran from the vehicle before anyone could stop it. As a result, the dog bit Minor several times on the leg, all but one required stitches.

According to Minor, the dog started running towards her and jumped on her and began attacking. Witnesses, including the police told Minor not to run from the dog, but everyone else in the area ran from the K-9 so they weren’t injured. The dog is now off of patrol duty, and Minor’s family wants the dog put down. The police department has since apologized and they are making sure it never happens again. The family is now hoping the police department will pay for the young girl’s medical bills.

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