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Utah Car Crash Kills One


Sadly in Tooele County, Utah, one person is dead following a fatal car crash on I-80. In addition, the car accident happened early Thursday morning when a car lost control, jumped the median, and went over a cable barrier. As a result, the car headed towards oncoming traffic. There were three passengers inside the vehicle that was involved in the car accident, and the driver told police that they were drowsy before the crash. One of the passengers told police near the Salt Lake County line; the driver apparently fell asleep and drifted off the road.

That’s when the driver overcorrected and rolled over the median into the oncoming traffic. The vehicle that was involved in the car crash was part of a family caravan just getting back from a trip. Two men were inside the vehicle at the time of the crash and only suffered minor injuries. A back passenger that was sleeping at the time of the car crash was not wearing a seatbelt. Tragically that passenger was killed at the scene because they were not wearing a seat belt. Luckily no other vehicles were involved in the car accident.

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