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Urgent Recalls Affect Chrysler and Dodge


If you drive a Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee or Dodge Durango, you may need to check your vehicle. Furthermore, 65 Jeep and Durango drivers were called by Fiat Chrysler and told to stop driving their vehicles. Likewise, the latest vehicle safety recall was prompted by an error at an assembly process plant earlier in the month may cause a component in the vehicle to break.

As a result, the driver would be left without rear-end stability, and braking power. Because another 7,690 vehicles were built in the same eight-hour window, they too may be included in the recall, but only 65 appear to be on the road.

To check and see if your vehicles are affected by the recall, you can check your VIN, which is located inside the door, or the SUV’s windshield. According to Fiat, the assembly problem has been fixed, and all production is currently resumed.

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