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Traffic accidents highlight the weekend across Missouri.


A bad week for traffic accidents.Tragedy struck Park Hill when a 5-year -old boy was killed after an ATV accident. According to Park Hills Police, the boy was a father in the yard on Lee Street a little after 2pm Sunday afternoon. Reports indicate the ATV as malfunctioning directly before the incident, causing the vehicle to drive into a tree; flipping over and killing the child. He was transported to a hospital where he later died. Police have not released the child’s name.

A Washington County patrol car was involved in a two-vehicle crash the same day. The crash occurred at Highway 21, near Highway 47. The officer was responding to a call at the time of the accident.

St. Louis police are currently investigating the death of a man walking on the highway. It is believed he was struck and killed Friday at around noon while traveling by foot on I-70. Authorities such down both sides of this stretch of I-70 in an effort to find the hit and run driver.

Drivers owe a special duty of care while traveling on the highway. When they breach that duty by not paying attention or by reckless driving, they are held responsible for that breach. If that breach is the cause of injuries, they are held both criminally and civilly liable for those injuries.

The roads are a dangerous place. Inattentive and negligent drivers have caused their fair share of havoc on the Midwestern roads this last week. From a rocky mountain atv, to car crash videos in real life, our experienced attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have decades of experience dealing with investigators and insurance companies and are willing to get you the relief your family deserves. If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident, please give us a call at (800) 391-4318, and we can help you get your family back on track.

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