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Toxic Chemicals Found in Children's Car Seats


It seems that everything nowadays contains some form of chemicals, and the latest product to be receiving some attention is children's car seats. Furthermore, it was found during testing that the same seats that are supposed to help save children may be harming them. Likewise, 11 out of 15 seats that were tested for chemicals were found to contain halogenated flame retardants.

The concern over the chemicals found in the seats center around bromine and chlorine. It is known that exposure to these chemicals can be linked to several health issues because they build up in a person’s system over time. Additionally, these chemicals, especially, chlorinated tris is a carcinogen and were found in two tested seats. This same carcinogen had been removed from children’s sleepwear just a few years ago.

Lead is another concern with the chemicals found in flame retardants. Although the test results on the child safety seats are concerning, it seems that they may be improving. Some child safety seat manufacturers such as Britax and Clek have moved to safer flame retardants on seats, yet they still may cause a health risk.

The best thing parents can do is continue to use the child’s seat. It is far more important to make sure the child is safe in the event of a car crash. The only thing that is suggested is to try is limit the child’s exposure to the seat by limiting time spent in the car, and thus in the seat. Lastly, it is suggested to vacuum the seat periodically, and also the interior of the vehicle.

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