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St. Charles Woman Sentenced After Supplying Young Teen With Vodka


A St. Charles County, MO woman, has been charged child endangerment after supplying her daughter and a young teen with alcohol, which nearly killed her. Furthermore, 36-year-old, Latasha Gorman pleaded no-contest to one felony count of child endangerment after she gave her daughter and her daughter’s 13-year-old friend vodka after a September 2013 picnic. Likewise, the 13-year-old ended up in the hospital after being fed the vodka and nearly died from too much alcohol consumption.

In addition to Gorman’s sentence, she pleaded no contest. Gorman did not admit fault, but the prosecution did have enough evidence to convict her. Therefore, Gorman was sentenced to five years probation with 7 special conditions as part of a plea deal: not entering a bar, regular testing for alcohol consumption, counseling, and not having contact with minors under the age 18 without supervision. Gorman was initially facing seven years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The 13-year-old girl became very ill after she consumed the alcohol and was sent to the hospital with a blood-alcohol content of .232, which is nearly three times the legal driving limit for an adult. Luckily the young girl has since recovered, but her mother said she was had extensive counseling since the child endangerment incident. Gorman’s then boyfriend, Jeffrey Van Courten has also been charged with child endangerment, and his jury trial is set for July 28.

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