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Semi Crashes Into Police SUV in Grand Prairie


Two police officers are lucky to be alive following a semi truck crash that happened in Grand Prairie, Texas on Friday. Furthermore, the semi truck accident happened on Highway 161 when an officer in an SUV as struck by a tractor-trailer while he was passing through the intersection near Pioneer Parkway. Likewise, the semi ran a red light just before he hit the police SUV.

According to police Sgt. Eric Hansen, red light crashes are something that happens on a daily basis and often cause either serious bodily injuries or death. Luckily no one was seriously injured in this semi truck crash. The driver of the semi told police he was not sure what color the light was when he went through the intersection. All of the semi truck accident was caught on the police officer's dash cam.

Just one day before this accident, another officer was involved in a serious car accident on I-30 as well. That car crash happened when the officer had pulled over a driver going 30 mph over the speed limit. As the officer was handing the driver the ticket, another vehicle drove onto the shoulder and hit the back of the police car, which then knocked the officer into the freeway. Luckily that accident only resulted in minor injuries.

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