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Semi Crash Kills West Virginia DOH Worker

Semi Crash Kills West Virginia DOH Worker

It is well known that semi crash accidents are the most fatal of all, and the West Virginia tractor-trailer accident is no exception. Tragically a five-vehicle crash in West Virginia has taken the life of one Division of Highways (DOH) worker. In addition, the semi truck crash happened Thursday afternoon on U.S. 50 when workers were resurfacing the roadway, and a five-vehicle crash occurred.

The semi accident happened when the truck hit three vehicles as it was entering a westbound lane in the construction zone. As a result, one of the vehicles that were struck by the semi hit an unoccupied DOH vehicle. Following the DOH truck being hit, it pinned 49-year-old road worker, Randall Bland against two vehicles. Bland was on foot when he was injured. According to police, the construction zone had all proper warning signs in place, but it is not known if a flagger was present at the time of the semi accident or not. Lastly, police reported that there were 471 feet of separation between the first collision and the final resting place of the last vehicle.

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