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Semi Crash in Ohio Closes Highway


In Butler Township, Ohio a potentially fatal semi truck accident closed part of the interstate Wednesday morning. Furthermore, the semi truck crash happened on I-75 when 37-year-old, Ricky Daniels struck a semi while he was attempting to change lanes. As a result, the semi tried to avoid having an accident, and the truck went airborne off the embankment of the road. After the semi truck accident, the truck was in danger of falling down the ramp even further, but luckily not into traffic.

The driver of the semi was 47-year-old, Christopher Burkhard, and was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Daniels is presumed to have been driving while intoxicated, and was cited for improper lane change and OVI. He is also now in the custody of the Montgomery County Jail. Luckily the quick thinking of Burkhard helped potentially spare other vehicles from being involved in a car crash.

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