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Patriots NFL player charged in car accident.


Even famous athletes have to abide by traffic laws. Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has been charged on four counts after fleeing the scene of a traffic accident. The 27-year-old NFL star was driving his 2011 Maybach sedan northbound on Route 465 when he crashed into a Murano at around 3:30am. He fled his car, leaving it damaged in the median of the highway. Onstar onboard assistance reported the Maybach had hit a deer; prompting officers to respond to the scene. Officers also responded to the Murano, which was pulled over in the breakdown lane.

As a result of the accident, a Billerica man received minor injuries; along with his wife and 12-year old son. All the occupants of the vehicle were transferred to the Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.

Spikes himself will appear in front of a Wrentham District Court, sometime in the near future, and charged with 1) Leaving the scene of a personal injury crash; 2) Operating a motor vehicle negligently to endanger; 3)speeding and 4) failure to stay within marked lanes. The will be a comprehensive investigation to determine if Spikes was actually the driver of the Maybach at the time of the car accident. Spikes is facing criminal charges and could face jail time if convicted; cutting his promising NFL career short.

Hit and runs often go unsolved. Further, when the do find the culprit, it only begins the complicated legal process. Our experienced attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have decades of experience dealing with difficult cases and complex car accident litigation. We are willing to suit up for you and get you the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, please give us a call at (800) 391-4318, and we can help you get your family back on track.

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