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Motorcyclist in Ohio Killed After Being Hit by Semi


Sadly in Jackson, Ohio a woman is dead following a fatal motorcycle crash that involved a semi. Furthermore, the semi crash in Ohio happened on Saturday afternoon on Route 35 near the intersection of Clary and Standpipe when 68-year-old, Linda Skidmore was headed west on Harley Davidson with other bikers.

Just as the pack of motorcycle riders approached the intersection, the group turned right. Likewise, for unknown reasons, Skidmore drifted into the left lane and came to a rest in front of a semi truck. As a result, the semi the struck Skidmore as the driver was attempting to pass the slowed down group of bikers. The 62-year-old, semi driver, Thomas Jackson was unable to avoid hitting Skidmore with his truck.

Skidmore was thrown from her motorcycle and suffered life-threatening injuries. Skidmore was not wearing a helmet thus proving helmet safety when riding is a must. After the motorcycle crash, Jackson continued driving his semi through the intersection, and traveled through the medical, and hit several road signs along the way. Thus far no charges have been filed against Jackson.

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