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Motorcycle Rider Dies After Colliding With a Police Car


The driver of a motorbike died after the motorcycle struck a Kansas City Police Department police car. The fatal motorcycle accident took place Wednesday at 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard in Kansas City, MO. The police vehicle was heading north on Van Brunt Blvd. while the motorbike was heading west on 31st Street.

Police launched dashcam video from the officer included in the crash. The video reveals the northbound patrol car was spinning after being struck by the westbound motorcycle on the passenger side. Police stated the bike driver failed to stop at a red traffic control signal. The motorcycle driver has been recognized as Robert Eubanks of Independence, MO. Police say no prisoners were inside the wagon at the time of the accident. The motorist of the police car was not injured in the accident.

If you have been harmed in a vehicle or motorcycle accident, you're most likely in discomfort, under stress and have a lot of concerns. You may be worried about paying your medical expenses, recovering your lost incomes, dealing with an insurance adjuster that stays calling, or an entire host of other concerns. Meyerkord & Kurth, a St. Louis personal injury attorney, can assist. We will certainly deal with your legal claim so you can concentrate on recovering. You should have a firm that will promote for you with diligence and empathy.

Vehicle and motorbike accidents happen in an instant. However, the injuries can last a lifetime. Motorcycle accident statistics shows that motorcyclists are 35 times more prone to encounter a deadly collision on the road than those in passenger vehicles. If a man dies in a motorcycle accident, or a woman, in a fatal motorcycle accident in St. Louis, MO; it is in your best interest to contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer right away to make sure your individual interest is protected. Our St. Louis motorcycle and car accident personal injury lawyers have the experience to handle your case from start to finish. We recognize how important your situation is to you and your family. We plan all of our cases as if they will go to trial. That lets the insurance coverage companies know that we take your case seriously, and it results in the very best outcomes. On the other hand, we likewise know that the settlement is commonly in your benefit. We will deal with you to discover out exactly what you and your household need, and we will certainly work to attain that objective.

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