Mom and Baby Survive Days in the Jungle Following Plane Crash

Similar to a movie plot, a mother and her baby survived four days in a Columbian jungle following a horrific plane crash. Furthermore, 19-year-old Maria Nelly Murillo Moreno suffered a broken ankle when the plane that her and her 5-month-old child were on crashed. Moreno also suffered burns she suffered while taking the baby out of the plane. The plane crash accident happened Saturday in western Columbia after the airline caught fire upon impact, just after it took off from the Nuqui Airport in Choco. The flight was only to take about 30 minutes.

Carlos Mario Ceballos was the pilot of the plane and died in the crash. It was not reported whether or not there were other passengers on board the flight. Luckily, although the cockpit was destroyed in the plane crash, the cabin remained significantly intact, which is, why the mother and son survived. Murillo left hints for rescuers to help find them such as the baby birth certificate, her cell phone, and her diaper bag as well as the pilot’s wallet. Likewise, rescuers were able to find the pair using loudspeakers placed on the bottom of the search helicopters. The mother and her child were successfully found on Wednesday, and remarkably in good shape considering the conditions. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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