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MN Police Searching for Man Following Dog Bite


When 42-year-old Jenni Galligan was walking her tiny shih tzu dog, she heard a man yelling at her from behind, and turned around to see a large bullmastiff charging towards her. Although Galligan picked up her dog in time, she could do nothing to stop the violent attack on herself from the large mastiff. Furthermore, the dog clamped their jaw around Galligan’s upper arm and left two large gashes and extensive bruising to her skin.

Now, the police are looking for the owner of the mastiff that left the accident scene following the attack. The man that was with the dog pulled it off of Galligan after it had attacked her. Then, according to witnesses, said he was going to get his cell phone, and fled the scene in his truck before witnesses could get his license plate or any other information.

The accident happened Sunday in Lum Park when Galligan was walking her dog, Harvey at their beloved park. Just prior to the accident, Galligan had briefly spoke to the mastiff’s owner asking if the dog was friendly or not, and she was unsure if the dog was on a leash. Ironically, Galligan has worked for 20 years as an assistant veterinary technician at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital in Baxter, Minnesota. According to Galligan's estimates, the dog that attacked her weighed approximately 150 pounds, and believed she was about 30 yards away when she heard the man scream. Now, Galligan is dealing with healing from her 19 stitches she had to receive after the attack.

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