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I-68 Closed in Maryland From Semi Crash


Texting and driving are never a good idea, especially when you're driving a large truck. In addition, the westbound lane of Interstate 68 near Sandy Mile Road was closed for almost an entire day following a massive clean up after a semi crash. The crash happened when a driver of a semi was texting while driving, and he lost control of his truck on Thursday night in Hancock, MA.

Likewise, the driver, was heading westbound when his truck overturned, spilling paint that he was hauling all over the roadway. Additionally, the paint made the roadway slippery and caused the clean up that much harder, especially because there were roughly 6,500 gallons of it.

The driver of the semi was cited for illegally texting while driving. It was not reported whether or not the driver of the semi was injured in the crash. Luckily no other vehicles were involved in the semi crash.

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