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Florida Boy Healing From Dog Bite to the Face


A Hillsborough County, Florida boy, is lucky to be alive following a severe dog bite attack that happened Monday. Furthermore, the child that was bitten in the face by his family’s dog was 4-year-old, Hunter Edwards. Both Hunter’s parents attest that the family dog never showed signs of aggression before the incident and are shocked at what happened.

The dog bite accident happened when Hunter was out in the yard playing, and the dog was chained up near a shed. As Hunter’s dad went over to the nearby shed, the boy followed. All the sudden the dog jumped up and started attacking young Hunter. Before the dad could pry the dog off Hunter, the damage was already done.

Hunter suffered injuries to his head and eye. As a result, Hunter had three stitches on his neck where the dog attacked his throat, as well as a swollen eye. The family dog was euthanized following the dog bite attack. It was not reported what breed the dog was.

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