Fiat Chrysler Facing Recall Issues

With the massive Takata airbag recall, some companies are facing some issues. Likewise, Fiat Chrysler failed to notify quickly some owners of the safety recalls so they could adequately fix their cars. On Thursday, the NHTSA outlined some of their concerns with Fiat Chrysler’s handling of the safety issues, and now the hearing will increase by two more. Thus far, the company has more than 11 million vehicles that are affected by the recall.

An original hearing is set for July 2, but Fiat Chrysler is trying to cancel it stating they’ve improved their approach to the recall. Now, the government is stepping in to make sure the handling of the Takata recall is done well. Takata is recalling their airbags due to a faulty rupture-prone device inside that can shoot shrapnel inside the vehicle when hit. There have been several deaths and more than a hundred injuries stemming from the recall. If Fiat Chrysler does not rectify the situation, they could face more than $700 million in fines, and be forced to re-buy the vehicles included in the recall.

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