Driver Found Dead Under Bridge Following Semi Crash

Sadly, in Lexington, Kentucky, one person is dead following a Mondy morning semi crash. In addition, the semi crash happened on the Clay’s Ferry bridge when a truck lost control, struck a barrier and burst into flames. An investigation into the semi crash found that several explosions happened after the truck struck the barrier from a leaking fuel tank. Tragically the semi quickly became engulfed in flames after the accident, which made it harder the driver to escape.

When rescue crews arrived, officers also reported explosions near the cab due to the fuel leakage. As firemen extinguished the truck, debris fell from the bridge because the semi was leaning to one side. Shortly after dive teams were called in to search under the I-75 bridge and, as a result, found the body of the 52-year-old semi driver.

It is estimated that nearly 100 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled into the river from the semi crash. Because of the extent of the semi accident, the speeding current of the river, and the debris that spilled into the water below, equipment to filter fuel from the water is being used.

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