Don't Drink the Bottled Water?

Just when you thought it was safer to drink bottled water rather than liquid out of the tap, think again. Somehow, E-coli bacteria has managed to make its way into one major brand of bottled water. In addition, the California based bottled water company, Niagara Bottling LLC has recalled huge lots of its product to ensure safety. Although there have not been any reports of anyone becoming ill from the e-coli scare, the company is taking no chances.

The family owned bottling company stated the operator of a spring that supplies two of its plants failed to report evidence of E. coli at the bottling source. Therefore, the bottler has halted production, and is disinfecting all lines as well as issuing the voluntary recall.

The company has also terminated its relationship with the said spring source, Far Away Springs. The original source of E-coli was found June 10, and the company has since stated that the disinfection process makes the water not only drinkable, but also sterile. The recall affects water made from June 10 through June 18 in two Pennsylvania plants only, which is only 3% of the company’s volume.

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