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Dog Bites Woman in Texas and She Pepper Sprays Owner


Sunday evening in Arlington County, Texas, a dog bit a woman in the face. Furthermore, a string of crazy events took place after the dog bite accident, as that was just the beginning. It all started when a woman allegedly stomped her foot at the dog to try and get the animal to release its bone.

To the woman’s dismay, the dog then attacked her and bit her one the face. The woman received several stitches at a nearby hospital and then returned home to call the police and report the dog bite accident. The woman who was injured in the dog bite accident is renting a room in her home to the animal's owner.

That night after the dog bite accident, the woman who was bit by the animal assaulted the owner of the pet in his sleep. Likewise, the man awoke to find the injured woman standing next to him just as she began to use pepper spray on him. The woman had been reportedly drinking earlier that day and was taken into police custody.

To add insult to injury, the woman also tripped and hit her face on a fence on her way out of the house while attempting to get into the police cruiser. As a result, the woman suffered a black eye as well. An officer was also injured in the fall and suffered a dislocated shoulder. The breed of the dog that attacked the woman is unknown and is still in the custody of the owner.

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