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Dog Bites Michigan Toddler in the Face


A Michigan mom is asking for help from the public following a brutal attack from a neighbor’s dog on her toddler son. Furthermore, Ashley Hickman, mom of the 14-month-old boy stated that the neighbor’s dog came over last week to visit, and then went from playing to attacking her son, Aiden. Hickman said it all started when she saw her son throw a bottle of soda at the dog, and then the canine turned on her him. As Aiden screamed, Hickman ripped the dog off her son.

What Hickman saw next horrified her. Half of Aiden’s lip was torn off and one of his eyes was punctured. Aiden has since had plastic surgery on his lip, which is going to cost nearly $17,000, which is not covered by insurance. Hickman also says she’s now going to keep Aiden away from dogs so this doesn’t happen again. No word was given on the breed of the dog, or what happened to the canine after the dog bite accident.

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