Dog Bites a Child, and the Owner Bites the Mom in SC

It was an unusual scenario in Rock Hill, South Carolina which included a dog and human bite incident. Furthermore, at the 1300 block of McDow Drive Monday morning, a pit bull dog bit a child. After the incident the dog’s owner, Errick Willamson left the home of the accident with the dog by foot.

Katie Hefner, the mother of the child who was bitten then chased Williamson to nearby Hargett Park. Hefner claims she chased Willamson to the park, and when she reached him, he let the dog go. Likewise, when the dog was released, Hefner tried to capture it by the leash to control the dog, and then Williamson bit her.

The bite from Williamson was on Hefner’s arm and did not leave a bite mark, but was enough for her to be treated for slight injuries. Williamson did admit to the police that the dog bit the child and that he did, in fact, bite Hefner as well after she went after his dog. Now, Williamson is facing third-degree assault and battery charges, as well as marijuana possession. The pit bull is now quarantined following the dog bite accident.

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