Cyclist Receives Verdict From Negligent Driver

Four years after a woman endured a serious brain injury after being struck by a vehicle while cycling won her personal injury lawsuit against the driver. The accident occurred on July 3, 2011, which resulted in serious debilitating injuries that include the following: multiple skull fractures, fractures in her back, fractured ribs and a significant life changing brain injury. No one witnessed the accident except for the driver that struck the cyclist and the driver’s husband. However, after gathering evidence and taking the case to trial, the attorney was able to establish negligence on part of the driver. The jury however also found contributory negligence on part of cyclist which reduced her award by twenty-five percent.

Evident by the situation at hand, accidents involving cyclist and cars can result in catastrophic injuries. In some circumstances it may be difficult to establish liability. Thus, it is imperative to speak to an attorney about your rights and find out the best course of action for yourself or a family member that has been involved in a situation such as the one described.

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