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Construction Worker Hits Colleague With Shovel in MO


Arguing with co-workers is sometimes a commonplace occurrence in certain positions, but one construction worker took his issue with another too far. In addition, a St. Charles, Missouri construction worker is now accused of striking his colleague in the back of the head with a shovel during an argument. Furthermore, the victim that was hit with the shovel fell face first into wet cement and was knocked unconscious. Now, 46-year-old, Kevin Givens is charged with felony assault.

According to police, the workplace accident happened when both men were in the process of laying concrete on Tuesday and the man that was struck with the shovel found mud in his shoes. The man then accused Givens of placing the mud in his shoes, and the victim then placed mud inside of Givens’ lunchbox. The two men then began to argue, and co-workers broke up the dispute. Then, later in the day when the two were smoothing the concrete, Givens struck the man twice from behind with the shovel thus causing him to fall into the concrete.

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