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Child survives plane crash


Even the most careful pilot can make mistakes. This was the story of Mark Openshaw, a private airplane pilot from Texas County, Missouri. A few weeks ago, Openshaw boards his plan, along with his wife, Amy, 43, and their children, 15 year old Tanner and 12 year old Ellie. After about 100 feet after they took off, witnesses stated the plane appeared to stall out and fall right out of the sky. The only person to survive the crash was Max, the Openshaw’s 5-year old son; he had serious injuries but was alive.

Openshaw piloted the small Beechcraft shortly after 7 am from the grass runway on his rural farm. Witnesses say it never got above the trees. The two older Openshaw children, sons Porter and Zane, were not with the rest of the family on this trip. Openshaw was a good and careful pilot, most friends knew him to be a “by the book” pilot. He was a member of the Utah School board and an active member in the LDS church.

While the exact cause of the malfunction is unknown, small craft flying is inherently dangerous; even the most careful pilot cannot overcome faulty equipment or distraction. The crash is currently being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board to determine the exact cause of the accident.

Whether pilot error or faulty equipment, an airplane accident can have devastating effects on the friends and family of those injured in the crash. Whether it was an airplane ticket or a private flight, our attorney’s at Meyerkord & Kurth have decades of experience with wrongful death claims and litigation. Our St. Louis Aviation and Airplane accident attorney’s are ready to fight for you and get your life back on track. If you or a family member is injured in an aviation crash, please give us a call at (800) 391-4318, and we can help you get your family back on track.

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