Caitlyn Jenner Sued Following Deadly California Car Crash

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce is now being sued for a car crash that happened in February. In addition, Jenner was involved in the fatal California car crash that killed a woman in Malibu.

According to legal papers filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Jessica Steindorff claims Jenner caused her to suffer severe physical injuries. Likewise, the lawsuit also claims Jenner of the following:

• Negligence

• Carelessness

• Recklessness

• Illegally causing a collision

Lastly, Steindorff claims Jenner has caused her extreme damages and losses. Steindorff is one of the stepchildren of Kim Howe, who was killed in the crash. Jenner’s lawyers responded to the suit claiming that the stepchildren of the victim are grown who are financially dependent by themselves.

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