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Bus Driver Caused Crash Due to Texting While Driving in TN


When parents send their children on a bus, they’re entrusting the driver will keep their kids safe from harm. Sadly, that was not the case in Knoxville, Tennessee when a bus driver caused a fatal crash due to their inattentiveness to the road. Furthermore, the bus driver, James Davenport was sending and receiving multiple texts just prior to the December accident that killed two children and an aspiring teacher.

As Davenport was texting and driving the bus on the Asheville Highway, he suddenly made a left turn across a concrete median and hit another school bus traveling in the opposite direction. 6-year-old Zykia Burn and 7-year-old Seraya Glasper both died as a result of the collision. Likewise, 46-year-old, Kimberly Riddle, a teacher’s aide died in the bus crash as well. Davenport was severely injured in the crash and did survive. As this bus crash investigation is nearing the end, Davenport recently died from natural causes. Therefore, there will be no criminal case.

The children were from the Knox County Schools, and the district’s superintendent, Jim McIntyre is outraged that, “the negligence, selfishness, and stupidity of a school bus driver employed by one of our contractors caused the death of two of our precious children and one of our fine educators.” Now, there are new protocols and procedures within the school bus contractors. The attorneys for the victim’s families will be filing wrongful death lawsuits soon.

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