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Amtrak Train Cuts Florida Vehicle in Half


In Jacksonville, Florida an Amtrak train cut a vehicle in half on Tuesday morning. In addition, the accident happened at a Riverside neighborhood train crossing. At the time of the crash, the crossing gates were down, and the driver attempted to pass through them when the train struck the vehicle.

Two people that were in the vehicle were injured following the crash. One passenger was slightly hurt and suffered road rash, and another had minor injuries as well. A female passenger that was in the back seat was ejected from the vehicle and is currently being treated at a nearby hospital. The father of the 21-year-old driver is thankful for the miracle that no one was killed. Likewise, luckily no one on the New York to Miami train was injured, although the engine did take a slight hit from the crash which delayed them for a few hours. Stacey Peterson, Jr, the driver of the vehicle, was issued a $300 ticket for trying to cross the gates when down.

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