"Real Housewife" Sued Over Dog Bite

Even reality celebrities are subject to lawsuits regarding their favorite pooches, and Kim Richards is no exception. Kim Richards is a current cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has recently been slapped with a lawsuit stemming from an incident in which her dog bit a woman at her house.

Richards pit bull, Kingsley bit Kelly Crossley at her home last September. In the lawsuit, Crossley claims that Richards knew Kingsley was dangerous but failed to exercise caution that could’ve prevented the attack. The dog has also bitten another friend and family member of Richards prior to this attack.

The lawsuit also alleges that Crossley’s injuries are “grave” following the dog bite, and she will in turn have scars. Crossley is also suing Richards for unspecified damages including:

• Medical costs

• Loss of income

• Damages due to pain and suffering

• Punitive damages

Last November Richards had a trainer assist her with help for her dog. Sadly, the training did not help, and the pit bull also bit Richards niece, Alexia Umansky, who also required surgery and stitches following the accident.

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