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Zofran Use During First Trimester of Pregnancy Delivers Risky Side Effects


Zofran is an anti-nausea pill widely used to help cancer patients and those who get queasy after surgery. Although the FDA has approved the drug for use in the aforementioned patients, it is not approved as a safe treatment in pregnant women. Furthermore, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the makers of Zofran, is now facing negligence charges and several lawsuits against them.

No woman enjoys the throws of morning sickness during pregnancy, but for some women it’s unavoidable. Likewise, a small percentage of women suffer such bad morning sickness it consumes their entire lives, and they are bed ridden searching for help. For that reason, GSK started heavily marketing Zofran as a safe treatment for morning sickness in pregnant women. Sadly, the pharmaceutical giant didn’t disclose to patients or their physicians that doing so, especially during the first trimester, could put their unborn babies at risk for severe birth defects. Such defects include cleft palate, cleft lip, and heart defects. Now, families of babies born with birth defects after their mom’s were on Zofran during pregnancy are suing GSK and hoping for justice.

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