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Young Girl Awarded $236,000 in Dog Bite Case


A Brideport girl was awarded a large settlement stemming from a dog bite accident that left her physically and mentally scared. Furthermore, 13-year-old, Mykelle Bullock was awarded $236,602 to be paid by the dog’s owner. According to Bullock’s parents, the money will be put to good use so something positive comes from the accident. Likewise, the girl’s mother hopes that five years from now she can use the money towards college, or creating a better life for herself.

The dog bite accident that happened on March 23, 2014, changed Bullock’s life forever. The young girl that once dreamed of being a model all came to a halt as she was walking home from a store on Hillside Avenue. It all started when Bullock saw a gate open at the dog owner’s home.

Just then, a small dog came running out of the yard and began to bite Bullock on the ankles. As the small dog continued to bite Bullock’s ankles, the owner’s larger dog, a Labrador, came charging towards her. The lab put its front paws on Bullock’s shoulder, and bit her on the right cheek. As Bullock put her hands to her face, she immediately saw blood and ran home. Bullock’s aunt took her to a nearby hospital, and her face was stitched up. Now, she has a 2-inch scar on her face.

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