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Whole Food's Issues Recall


Whole Foods Markets are the subject of yet another product recall in their southwest region. In addition, the grocery chain is now recalling cherry, blackberry, and peach pies due to undeclared egg. Likewise, the pies, half pies, and pie slices may contain egg, which some people with allergens can become very ill if ingested. The recall affects four different outlets on North Lamar Boulevard in Austin, Texas where the pies were made from June 26-July 3.

People with egg allergies or those with sensitivities to the protein can have a very serious and sometimes fatal allergic reaction if they consumer an undeclared product. Furthermore, symptoms of an allergic reaction to egg can include:

• Hives

• Difficulty breathing

• Swelling of the tongue or mouth

• Coughing

• Unconsciousness or coma

If you suspect you have some of the recalled product, consumers are encouraged to throw it out and take their receipts to the store for a full refund.

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