Semi Driver Plows Into Six Motorcycles on Side of the Road

Semi truck crashes are almost always fatal and always horrific. Likewise, the semi truck crash that happened in Greensboro, NC Friday was no exception. Furthermore, 51-year-old, Kenneth Jefferson of Chesterfield died Sunday morning when he was struck by a semi truck while he was on his motorcycle. The semi truck crash happened on I-85 south when Jefferson and group of six bikers were pulled on the side of the road for a break en route to Atlanta.

Suddenly, the driver of a semi truck who fell asleep at the wheel hit all of the motorcycles. It is also presumed that the driver of the semi did not even wake up until a half-mile up the road due to a flat tire from the accident. According to a witness on the scene, the impact of the semi started form the middle southbound lane, and then went into all six motorcycles on the side of the road. One of the bikers was killed instantly after the semi crash. The semi driver has now been identified as 34-year-old, Daniel Serna and has now been charged with felony hit-and run as well as misdemeanor death.

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