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Park City Suffers Canine Issues


In Park City, Utah the police department has been inundated with several canine incidents. Furthermore, loose dogs have been running around causing havoc, including one dog bite accident. In addition since spring, several dog-related issues have plagued the area from dogs being left in cars, or running around without a leash.

Saturday, a dog bite accident happened when a dog bit a child on a bike trail in the area of Bonanza and Deer Valley Drive. The parent of the child called the police and although the dog did bite through the skin, the condition of the youth is unknown. Additionally, several loose dogs were reported in City Park. Likewise, on Friday, police responded to Norfolk Avenue where a dog was preventing someone from leaving a home's yard, and the animal bit the person on the elbow.

The same day, a dog was off its leash again at Park Avenue, and later was seen at City Park. The remainder of the canine issues were reports of dogs being left in vehicles. One dog was left inside a vehicle on Main Street for more than 20 minutes, and another was in a truck for an extended amount of time on Round Valley as well.

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