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Ohio Man Arrested for Recording a Fatal Crash Instead of Helping


One Lorain, Ohio man has been arrested after he filmed a fatal car crash instead of assisting the victims. Furthermore, 41-year-old, Paul Pelton was arrested after he posted a gruesome video on Facebook of teens involved in a car crash. According to witnesses, Pelton started recording the video of the car crash on his cell phone seconds after the vehicle crashed into an SUV, tree, and a house. As the car that crashed caught fire, and both 17-year-old’s inside the vehicle suffered, Pelton continued to roll his camera.

Police also heard Pelton repeatedly call the teens idiots while recording, and at some point even opened the door to the car to film the injured boys inside. Neighbors in the area ran to the vehicle to help the teens, but Pelton was too worried about capturing it all on film.

Therefore, Pelton was arrested for vehicle trespassing, which is a misdemeanor because he did not assist in the accident, and instead trespassed without permission. Before his arrest, Pelton even reached out to two news outlets to attempt to sell the video. Sadly one of the teens died from the car crash, and the other is severely injured.

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