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Ohio Girl Injured by Dog


A young, 9-year-old girl is recovering from a dog bite that happened on Wednesday following a backyard accident. Furthermore, the young girl was playing in the backyard of a home on Ramsey Drive with other children in the neighborhood when she was bit by the dog.

All a sudden, a 2-year-old pit bull named Scrappy who was chained up in the yard, bit the girls face. It is presumed that at the time of the dog bite accident, the children were playing with water guns, prompting the animal to get overly excited. Although the children have played in the backyard with Scrappy before, no other dog bite incidents have happened. Sadly, the girl had a moderately serious injury to her upper lip, and she was treated at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center following the dog bite accident.

At this time, Scrappy is still at his home, but the case it being looked into. Thus far police don’t see any wrongdoing because the dog was not running wild, and was in his own backyard at the time of the incident.

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