Ohio Baby Injured in Dog Fight

Sadly in Chardon, Ohio a 7-month old baby girl was injured in a dogfight between two canines. Furthermore, the child accident happened Monday night at the 100 block of Court Street when the baby was caught in the middle of a fight between two dogs arguing over a ball. According to police, one of the dogs belonged to the mother of the child, and the other canine belonged to her boyfriend.

It is unknown which dog bit the child. Likewise, according to the police the dogs have played aggressively in the past, but never to the extent of becoming violent. After the dog bite attack the child’s mother ran outside and yelled for help and for someone to call 911. A witness said the mom and child were covered in blood, and could tell that the child had been bitten on the head near her eye. Police have not yet identified the breeds of the dogs involved in the attack. The condition of the child is currently unknown.

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