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Officials Warn of Potential Parasites That Can Lurk in Public Pools


Have you ever left your local swimming pool and had blood shot eyes later? Well, if that has ever happened to you, and you thought your red eyes were from the chlorine, think again. According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fecal mater and urine are the cause for eyes to become red after swimming in pools.

Furthermore, health officials also warn that sweat and dirt can also mix in with the chlorine causing red eyes as well. One research group also found that when a strong chemical odor is found at a pool, it is caused because the chlorine mixes with peep, poop, dirt and sweat that are in the water. Disgustingly diarrhea is the most common form of infected water in public pools according to the CDC, as well as germs such as Crytosporidium, norovirus, and E. coli.

In 2012, a survey showed that 19 percent of people admitted to peeing in pools, and another 43 percent skipped pre-pool showers leaving all of their germs for anyone in the water. Likewise, many people believe that a chlorinated pools mixed with other disinfectants can kill any germs that may be lurked. Sadly, urine and feces in a pool only depletes the chlorine and produces the irritant that causes people’s eyes to turn red after swimming. Finally, according to the CDC if people follow the next simple instructions, it will help keep germs out of pools:

  • Don’t use the water as a toilet
  • Don’t swim if you have diarrhea
  • Shower before you swim
  • Don’t swallow the water

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