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North Carolina Salmonella Outbreak Kills One


Sadly one person has died following a salmonella outbreak in North Carolina, which has been linked, to a roadside BBQ restaurant. Furthermore, more than 250 people have become ill from the food at the Tarheel Q restaurant located on Highway 64 in Lexington.

The majority of the illnesses from the food occurred to residents located in North Carolina, and another six were from out of town. Overall 12 people were hospitalized, and thus far six lawsuits have been filed. In the past, the restaurant has been cited for failing to keep foods at appropriate temperatures and leaving leftover food cool before reheating it. Owner, Trey Payne states he will not change his protocol because he wants to keep the food hot, so bacteria don't grow on it.

This food poisoning outbreak dates back to June 6, and so far 248 people have been sickened, 20 percent went to the doctor for salmonella, 13 percent were in the emergency room, six percent hospitalized, and one person has died. Salmonella can cause the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Likewise, symptoms can last from one day to one week.

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