Family of Dog Bite Victim to Sue

Last year in Atlanta, Georgia a dog near Selena Butler Park attacked an 11-year-old boy. Now, the boy and his family are headed to court because of scars on his thighs, which are a reminder of that traumatic day. According to his mother, Cristina Scott, the young boy still wakes up crying from nightmares from the dog bite attack. Furthermore, the dog attack happened when Jacorian jumped out of his mother’s car and began running and playing.

CBS46’s photographer was also bitten by the same pack of dogs that bit Jacorian as well. In that attack cameras were rolling when animal services came to take the same pack of dogs back, and the when the sitter became confrontational, the dogs attacked the camera person. In Jacorian’s dog bite lawsuit the family is suing for the cost of medical bills and counseling that he has need following the attack. Thus far the woman watching the dogs was cited for not having them secured on a leash.

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