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Disney World Actor Killed by Firework


Firework safety is something that everyone must keep in mind especially around the holidays. In addition, due to careless firework safety, a Disney World employee that would make children smile by playing the part of Beauty and the Beasts, “Gaston” has been killed. Even more tragically, it was a senseless and preventable holiday accident. 22-year-old, Devon Staples were drinking with friends over the holiday weekend when he decided to set off a firework. Tragically, Staples decided to set the mortar firework off on his head. Staples died instantly after the firework exploded.

Staples brother, Cody witnessed the accident and said Devon was holding a lighter at the time of the explosion and said the firework went off as a result. Cody insists his brother would not do anything so careless as to put off a firework on his head just to make people laugh. Although Cody said, Devon would only pretend to do something similar to make others laugh, he would never intentially hurt himself for others enjoyment. Furthermore, Cody says it was just a freak accident that should’ve have happened.

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