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Worker Killed in Machinery Accident


A workplace accident happened at the Reynolds Aluminum Packing plant in Chesterfield, Virginia on Wednesday. According to the Chesterfield police, 55-year-old Eric Howard McClellan was critically injured when he was trapped by a piece of equipment at the facility. Emergency crews responded to the work-related accident at approximately 11:30 a.m., and transported McClellan to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The Chesterfield Police are investigating the accident and the Occupation Safety and Health Administration will also conduct an investigation.

OSHA reported that there were 4,679 workers killed in workplace accidents in 2014. While most workers assume that they are safe and free of harm while at their place of employment, they are actually at risk of being injured or killed in a work-related accident. Thousands of workplace accidents occur annually and anyone that is employed is at risk. Falls, blunt force trauma, repetitive injuries, and injuries with machinery are common accidents that injure workers. In Missouri, injured workers employed at a company with five or more workers, and nearly all construction companies, are provided worker’s compensation insurance. The benefits of this insurance cover medical expenses and replaces lost wages for the injured worker. However, the wages are replaced at the rate of 66.6% of the average weekly wage. To recover the compensation you deserve, it is necessary to consult a skilled worker’s compensation lawyer.

At Meyerkord & Kurth, our worker’s compensation attorneys believe that you should not have to suffer additional damages due to an accident in which you are not liable. Our attorneys will fight to recover the maximum compensation for your damages while supporting you during the process. Contact us today if you have suffered a work-related injury.

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