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Woman Killed Collecting Things Out of Vehicle


A car accident occurred on Sunday in Long Island around 4:00 in the morning. Britney Leith’s vehicle hit the median in the middle of the highway and then turned over while she was driving home from visiting a friend’s house. Leith, 25 years old, managed to escape the vehicle. After Leith got out of her vehicle, other drivers on the highway helped her get to the highway’s right shoulder. Soon after, Leith was determined to get some of her belongings out of her car, even though the people who had helped her to safety pleaded for her to not go. While running across the highway, Leith was hit by a vehicle. Tragically, Leith passed away. In addition, after the accident occurred, a police car was struck by a vehicle after arriving to the scene. The police officer who was in the vehicle was taken to get medical care. Leith was a single mother of her three year old daughter. Leith’s grandma, Anna Leith, says that those who were with Leith at the place of the accident should have done more to watch over her safety, especially because injuries could have influenced her decision to go back to her car.

Vehicle accidents occur nearly every minute worldwide. By the year 2030, injuries from vehicle accidents are projected to become one of the top five causes of death in the United States unless something is done to prevent it. To avoid getting into an accident, drive safely with your full attention on the road and your surroundings at all times. In addition, follow all traffic laws and regulations.

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