St. Louis Car Accident Results in Injuries

A vehicle accident occurred in Saint Louis on Wednesday night. The collision occurred downtown, at an intersection. One of the people involved in the accident was cut out of their vehicle by firefighters. In addition, one of the victims of the accident was taken to a hospital for care and is in critical condition. Three passengers from the other car involved in the accident fled from the site.

Vehicle accidents cost the United States’ over $230 billion dollars every year. In addition, around 37,000 Americans pass away in vehicle accidents yearly. On top of that, over two million people in the United States are injured or disabled because of vehicle accidents every year. Vehicle accidents are both common and preventable. To avoid collisions, minimize the amount of distractions around you while you are operating a vehicle. Doing so will enable you to be fully aware of your surroundings. To further prevent being involved in a vehicle accident, always follow traffic laws, such as: using your blinker, stopping at stop signs and stop lights, and using your headlights.

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