St. Louis Apartment Fire Caused by Wiring

An apartment building fire on Friday morning resulted in seven individuals suffering injuries. The fire happened at the Sunshine Apartments located in the Hills neighborhood of St. Louis around 12:40 a.m. Three individuals suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene. Four others, including two who sustained serious injuries, were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Most of the residents were awaken by smoke alarms, and investigators believe the fire started in one individual’s apartment. The fire department is conducting a thorough investigation, and preliminary results indicate the fire was caused due to faulty wiring. Those injured are believed to have non-life threatening injuries.

Apartment buildings, restaurants, retails stores, and private properties are locations in which if an accident occurs resulting in injuries, illnesses, or death to individuals, the owners and managers could be held responsible through a premises liability case. Premises liability accidents include slip and falls, dog bites, fires, food poisoning, and drownings. All owners and managers are required to maintain a safe property that will not cause harm to anyone that enters the location. In the event that a property owner or manager is negligent in maintaining their property, they can be held liable by contacting an experienced premises liability attorney.

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