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Soldier Killed in Motorcycle Crash


A motorcycle accident in Kansas has resulted in the death of a soldier. On Sunday night, Fort Riley soldier 29-year-old Edward I. Ablang, was operating his motorcycle along northbound U.S. Highway 77 when he lost control and crashed his bike at around 10:30 p.m. The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that Ablang’s motorcycle veered off of the roadway, struck a ditch, and overturned several times. He was ejected from the vehicle and first responders pronounced him dead at the scene of the accident. The KHP is investigating the accident to attempt to determine a cause.

In the United States, there are more than eight million drivers who operate motorcycles. Several motorcycles on the roadways equal several motorcycle accidents. In fact, there were around 88,000 individuals injured in motorcycle accidents in 2013. While the number of motorcycle accidents has slightly decreased in recent years, the number of individuals injured or killed continue to be alarming. Some motorcycle accidents are caused by the reckless driving of the motorcyclists; however, dangerous roadways, vehicle flaws, and the negligence of other drivers can also be to blame. Injured individuals and the families of victims may have grounds to file a motorcycle accident case. To determine if you have grounds to obtain justice and recover compensation, you must contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney.

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