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Sears Auto Employee Killed in Workplace Accident


On Saturday morning, a workplace accident claimed the life of a worker at a Sears Auto Center in Salem, New Hampshire. According to the Salem Police and Fire Department, 22-year-old Justin Almon was attempting to repair a truck tire at the Sears located at The Mall at Rockingham Park when the tire exploded at around 8 a.m. Almon and a customer, 23-year-old Adam Sproul, were seriously injured in the accident. Emergency crews transported Almon to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Sproul was airlifted to the hospital after suffering serious head trauma, and his current condition is unknown. The Salem Authorities, Sears, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the accident to determine a cause and if there were any violations committed by Sears Auto Center.

Workplace accidents are responsible for thousands of deaths every year and the majority of these accidents are caused by violations committed by the employer. Nearly 5,000 workers are killed annually and many more suffer work-related injuries. Workers injured on the job may be eligible to file a worker’s compensation insurance claim, and in Missouri, the benefits provided are in the form of medical coverage and wage replacement. However, wages are only replaced at a rate of 66.6% making it imperative to consult a worker’s compensation attorney. If your loved one has been killed in a workplace accident, you may also have grounds to file a wrongful death case.

At Meyerkord & Kurth, our worker’s compensation lawyers have the experience to recover the compensation you deserve for your work-related injuries. Our attorneys believe you should not have to suffer additional damages due to an accident in which you are not liable. We will support you throughout your case while representing you successfully. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation.

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