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Police Cut Down on Reckless Driving


In New York, the police department assigned over 1,700 police officers to catch drivers who drive in a manner that is threatening and dangerous to themselves and the public. Their main target was drivers who do not stop for pedestrians, speed, drive distractedly, and park in lanes of traffic. Over 12,000 hours were dedicated by these officers daily to find unsafe drivers.

Speeding, failure to stop/yield, and driving distractedly are among the most deadly causes of vehicle accidents. Speeding is the third most common cause of vehicle accidents. Also, speeding is a factor that plays into one out of three of all fatal vehicle accidents. Additionally, thousands of car accidents take place every year as a result of drivers running stop lights and stop signs. It is common for drivers to run stop signs on small roads that lack heavy traffic flow, which puts them at a greater risk of hitting another vehicle, a person, or an animal. In addition, driving distractedly is a leading cause of car accidents, as it is defined by the operator of the vehicle diverting their attention from the road. An example of driving distractedly is texting while driving, which increases a driver's chances of getting into an accident by 23%.

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