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One Dead, 17 Injured in Bus Accident


Several passengers suffered injuries and one individual was killed in a Texas bus accident on Sunday. At around 5:30 a.m., motorists in the Arlington area called 911 to report a man operating his SUV erratically on Interstate 30. Another emergency call was received reporting the SUV had crashed into a concrete lane divider on the westbound lanes. Shortly after the SUV accident, a Greyhound bus was unsuccessful at avoiding the disabled SUV and crashed into the vehicle. The impact claimed the life of one of the individuals in the SUV and the other occupant was seriously injured and airlifted to a hospital. The bus has approximately 40 passengers on board, and 16 of those people were transported to hospitals via ambulance for non-life threatening injuries. Arlington police are investigating the accident, and the interstate was closed for several hours while an accident reconstruction was performed.

Bus accidents can occur due to the same causes of any other type of auto accident. The main difference between bus accidents and car, truck, or motorcycle accidents is that buses transport a larger number of passengers than other vehicles, resulting in multiple injuries and fatalities. Similar to other types of auto accidents, dangerous roadways, vehicle issues, and driver negligence cause most of the bus accidents that occur.

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